As a person who’s buying his first car, I was really being extra Carley, openly taking suggestions and reading the best reviews from dealerships and visiting different places every week. What made go with Serpa were the staff and the management. Not only were they excellent in helping me get the right car, they also went above and beyond to ensure I wasn’t taking rash decisions in picking the car. Alexandria is the manager of the dealership and she became my sales rep just to ensure I feel comfortable with the decisions I make. While there were great dealerships which I visited earlier, I always had a rushed feeling to close the deal sooner from each one of them. Alex made a 360 move and made sure I wasn’t rushing my decision, she also gave me honest opinions and answered all my queries honestly. Serpa treated me like their own family, did not have that feeling from any other dealership. When I got my car, it was the best feeling ever because I felt like my own family took care of me on this. This is something not many dealerships provide, which is why I wrote this review. Serpa is always going to be my go-to place for cars they specialize in. And I would suggest every car seeker to please do visit serpa atleast once if you see them selling a vehicle you’re looking for. Ten stars for this place!